Monday, August 27, 2012


The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. -Gandhi

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Citronnelle Spa and Cafe

*Claps* with big smile plus a HOOOORAY! written on callout balloon for no classes on Monday and Tuesday. In this case, I was able to meet my blogger friends and treat ourselves for once. Lol. Around 11 am, we went to Citronnelle. Okay, so to have an idea about it. Let me introduce it to you. It is located at Unit A, 2nd floor, Essel Commercial Complex, Telabastagan, Ph. Just this January 28, 2012, it was under the new management of an OFW, Mr. Louie Miranda but now it is his mother who manage it. It is open from 11am until 12 midnight. It has a WiFi connection. They offer different kinds of service and because they value customers so much, they have tons of Promos and GC to give away. Here's the list:
Here's an inside peek. As you enter, you'll smell the aromatheraphy scent that fills the air. There is an  instrumental music which is very soothing to hear and relieves you from stress or tension thus this creates a relaxing environment. I have nothing to go against its interior design. It is all good the way it is. I love its being classy.
We went first to the "Spa reception". The light is dim. Perfect for the place. There are rooms which vary for the service you avail. There are for single and couple bed in a room.
 It was my first time to try Body scrub and I was like WOW with my skin after I took a shower. I felt smooth, radiant and glowing because the dead cells were already exfoliate and revitalize to a moisture skin. This only cost me 275 Php. Right after, was the Swedish body massage that cost only 200 Php. The masseur have done a little Effleurage and more on Petrissage and before moving to next body part, she used Tapotement method.
Here's the way to the Dining area and balcony. From Spa, they added Cafe which preferably a good idea because it is favorable to the customers. Usually, people after spa look and move to some other places to hangout but not anymore. This is unusual right? Spa and Cafe in one. I love it! They also offer wines, coffee and a menu where you can choose from.
 After we ate Brunch. We had some time to be with the staff. All I can say to them is that they were all AMAZING. True! I believe that a happy employees are equal to happy customers. They have proven it. They were multitasking, friendly, easy to approach and energetic. They made us feel at home and at ease. They're always positive and smiling.
Overall experience is two thumbs up! Compared to other spa I've experienced, this one gives me the satisfaction and delight that a customer wants. I feel like coming back again and again. Uggh! I'm so excited to do so. I now recommend this spa to everyone. Go try it and you'll never regret it! It's worth the price for their quality services. For more details and queries, Like their Facebook page, add their Facebook account and follow them on twitter and get a chance to win a complimentary services. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tiny Me

 Mooo is now changed to Tinyme and they are still offering a free Printables. Yehey to kids out there! There are over 20 pages of super fun activities. Their latest downloadable as you can see is about the spirit of games.
You could also personalize some of their printables like this Medal tally. I put my name on it. You can do as well. There are more choices just visit on their page here.
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