Sunday, October 30, 2011

Matthew @ 18

Nightlife won't stop. So after the gig, we celebrated Matthew's 18th birthday in their music bar/resto, Pipeline. It is located at Hensonville, Angeles city. I didn't plan to attend though.
On our way to bar
Konti lang kameng nakapunta but we had fun. It was my first time to be in that place at Pipeline:) It's so nice to have a friend who owns a music bar. Coooool right? I wish I could have the same in the future.
I totally love the fooooods;) especially the Sisig. Uggghhh! You should come over and  visit their bar and have the Sisig! You'll never regret it.

Matthew dancing Dougie

We're Gonna Party like It's the End of the World!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our God is Love Concert

October 22, Saturday, the most awaited Big blast concert of youthgigers!! My friend Mik and I, attended the 3rd gig that usually starts at 6:00pm (Last gig). Along the line, kase nakapila kame nun, we never thought that ganun kadame yung mga mag aattend. As in Super Duper Dame! We were thinking how will those youth na nasa pinakadulo na ng line kung makakapasok pa sila. I'm reminded by the power of God's grace. The story of Fives loaves and two fish. Beyond your expectation is God's work. More than a thousand youths in not so big tent. Miraaculous! :)))
Our God is Love theme
They opened the doors and whoooop! Mabilisan tumakbo mga youths(Parang may Amazing race lang). Thank God, nabiyayaan kame ni mik ng mabilis na paa and so asa harap kame nun:) Odba bongga! Maganda kase pag asa harap yung position e. Feeling ko I can feel more the blessing and the spirit of worship. Even though masikip, we continued to praise God. For the first time inalis mga upuan, kaya hawak ng mga tao mga bag nila pero kame binitawan namen sa baba namen so we can fully enjoy and give all what we have to God:) And that's love<3 Awww :">

Ru Dela Torre, youth pastor

I feel blessed on that Day!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coffee for a Night

This happened on the first week of October. I don't exactly remember the date. I just wanna blog it coz I want to share my first picture of having coffee with my friends. We don't usually do this thing. After Mik's birthday, mabilisan lang ang pag plano and that's it! we voted for Coffee Acad :) First plan namen is Coffee Acad Annex however wala ng space so we move to Main.Thank God there's more!

Credits to Pio's Car

Choosing what to order

with my St. Gabrielle coffee (best seller)

Others, kasama nila sa breakfast ang coffee but in my case, I drink coffee occasionally.  Pag naisipan ko lang. But that would be twice a year. As you can see on the left side is a picture of me having my St. Gabrielle mocha chocolate coffee. I'm not sure of the name but that's how I remember it. Coffee Academy's one of the Best seller so I ordered it and 16oz size (biggest size for coffee). Surprisingly, when I tasted it, all I wanna say is WHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOAH with sad face:( I kept on complaining to my friends. Tinikman namen isa isa yung mga orders namen. Hahaha. We all had the same face nung tinikman namen yung akin. Disappointed/Bitter face! They've got a good one while mine, awwwwful. I will never ever have that one again!
My friends and I with our coffees

Overnight Review at Mik's house

It's Monday then and there was a holiday so it means No Classes for us! Whoop! We decided to review our most hated Major subject, Financial Accounting. But it didn't work instead we took a lot of pictures and do something not related to it.
I thought It's a review? How come?! (HOHOHO)

The next morning..
We ate our breakfast. Mik and I have the same morning schedule. Sai has the evening class:)
Mik and I wearing our School's uniform

That ends our Overnight Review at Mik's house.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fashion look in Goshen

Nikka's Birthday Celebration

Celebrating my friend's postponed birthday was really fun even we're just in small group who came. I didn't expected all of our friends would join because this week was too busy and the place was at Bamban, Tarlac. Isn't far? Of course it is! However, what would friends are for right? So, here's what happened:

3:30 Meet ups at Shell Balibago, then we went straight to Bamban. It's where our friend lives. It's actually a mountain! Literally speaking:) While waiting for Nikka's father to pick us up. We took pictures. Pau, wanted us to go to well known Grotto but we chose not to.

On our way to that, it was a Crazy Super Fun experience! Have you ever tried to ride on a Roller coaster? Well, that's what am I talking! Happily, we arrived at Goshen safely. I am not a first timer, but to those who are, they simply amazed:) Foods were not yet ready so what we've do Picture Picture;) One Two Three! Click.
Sisterhood Travelling Pants

Power Puff Boys:))

Okaaaay. After a long time waiting, the foods are ready! It was a Buffet style and the foooooods! Ughhh. You'll never regret it. Swear;) Nikka's mother deals on Cater services, no wonder why it's so yummmmy:)
I have here my favorite macaroni salad and chicken tempura
We love doing crazy things together, sharing whatever thoughts we have and taking pictures all the time and so before we left, we do picture takings again to capture our unforgettable bonding. Actually, we didn't have the chance to get into the real celebration because of time. But most important was that we enjoyed the day.

They're teaching us How to Dougie in their own ways (Masters of the night)  HAHA.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Someday we'll meet BATANES

The Province of Batanes is the northernmost and the smallest province of the Philippines, both in terms of population and land area. The provincial capital is Basco. It is composed of ten islands, called the Batanes Islands, located about 162 km north of the Luzon mainland in the Luzon Strait and is part of the Cagayan Valley region in Luzon. Of this island group, the largest and only inhabited islands are Itbayat, Batan and Sabtang.The Batanes are about 190 kilometers south of Taiwan.

The people of Batanes are called Ivatan and share prehistoric cultural and linguistic commonalities with the Babuyan on Babuyan Island and the Tao people of Orchid Island.The southern half of the Ivatan homeland, the islands of the Batanes, was reinforced and fortified by Spanish refugees from Formosa before being formally joined in the 18th century with the Spanish government in Manila.
The main languages spoken in Batanes are Ivatan, which is spoken on the islands of Batan and Sabtang, and Itbayaten, which is spoken primarily on the island of Itbayat. The Ivatan which is dominant in the province is considered to be one of the Austronesian languages. From college level down to elementary level, the language is widely spoken.

The subtropical climate of the province is similar to those of neighboring Taiwan and Okinawa. Sometimes the island experiences below the normal low of 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 °C).

There is a misconception that Batanes is constantly being battered by typhoons. If Batanes is always mentioned in connection with weather disturbances, it is because its capital, Basco, holds the last weather station in the north. It is a reference point for all typhoons that enter the Philippine area of responsibility. It has no pronounced wet or dry season. It enjoys practically four seasons, the best ones being summer (April–June) and winter (December–February), when the temperature dips as low as seven degrees Celsius.

Mid-March to June is a favorite time for tourists to visit due the relatively lower chance of rain. However, the rest of the year can still offer a pleasant experience for visitors. An Indian summer supposedly takes place in September. Sometimes, the weather is nice as early as February and as late as July. North or east winds bring in cooler air. They also bring in weather fronts and cloud build-ups that could cause flight cancellations. Cool weather—a phenomenon Ivatans like to call winter—prevails from December to February. When dealing with Batanes, always remember that, on these islands, the weather often changes suddenly. Just be ready for whatever heads your way.

Places to See

The second largest island in the province of Batanes, this is  where the capital town Basco is situated along with three other municipalities.
Seat of Government and center of economic development and gateway to the rest of the province.
The first (Spanish) Catholic Church ever built in Batanes in the early parts of 18th century. The roofing was originally cogon grass. The first church to have G.I. roofing in the early 1890’s.
From this side of the island, one has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. The smooth stone spewed by nearby Mount Iraya in AD 400 is found here. 
It is an old Sitio derived from the Ivatan word called “Na” which means past and “Idi” meaning settlement or community. 
This is heaven on earth. Spectacular view of the South China Sea and the Western part of Basco. Can see Itbayat and other islet north of Batan. One the most beautiful spots in Basco.
Site of the boat-shaped burial markers of ancient Ivatans. They can only be found in Batanes and are thought to be similar with the sites in Europe where Viking kings once dominated. Area of high biodiversity.
Location of the country’s northernmost PAGASA station, reason why Batanes is frequently associated with typhoons because Basco station is usually used as a reference point.  It
Site of an elaborate Japanese-constructed World War II tunnel around three kilometers from town center.
About 1,900 feet above sea level, it is the second highest peak in Batan island. The mountain houses the spring water from where the main town sources its drinking water.
Site where the Provincial Capitol Building now stands. Original structure was built by the Spaniards in the 18th century.  It is the seat of the Provincial Government in Batanes.
This town holds the Ivatan’s birth certificate. First town from Basco. Rich in Cultural Heritage sites & practices.
Birthplace of the Ivatans. One of the largest settlements on the eastern part of Batan Island built in the pre-Hispanic period.
Built recently in 2000, the lighthouse boats of an uninterrupted spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean well as the other part of the Batan Island and its rugged mountains cliffs facing South China Sea.
This is where you marvel about God’s creation. When you’re in this spot, a visitor oftentimes silently stands in awe and whisper a prayer. The endless rolling hills, wind-swept communal pasturelands for cattle and horses, . Perfect scenery for nature lovers & photographers.  The Sound of Music should have been filmed here.
A tiny village facing the Pacific Ocean around three kilometers east of Mahatao town. Site where local fishermen perform the Kapayvanuvanua ritual to signify the start of the fishing season. The local government maintains a traditional house that it rents to visitors. Perfect site to escape crowded town centers.
Built in 1873 A.D. by Onesimo Polo using limestone for wall and cogon roofing. 

It’s water as far as your eyes can see. Perfect spot to enjoy Batanes sunset facing the South China Sea.
Row of privately-owned picnic houses with basic house facilities which are offered for rent. It’s the best beachfront spot there is in this part of town.
The locals call this the Spring of Youth. It is quietly tucked in below where the first Ivatans lived. One can also offer prayers at the Our Lady of Lourdes grotto located near the spring water’s main source.
You come here not to see windmills. You endure rough roads and an uphill trek to be on the finest spot to relish a 360-degree of God’s magnificent creation. The island’s two highest peaks stand guard on opposite ends.
It may as well be the smallest of the towns in Batanes, but its hold on the most epic stories of Ivatan gallantry is incomparable. Around 14 kilometers south of the main town, its two municipal ports serve as gateway to Sabtang.
Built in the 18th century, it is probably the most photographed house in Batanes.  It is one of the last few standing century old houses being used to date.
The only church in Batanes with a separate campanile built in 1784. The campanile was built in 1814-1817 by Fr. Jose Fausto de Cuevas. The present fa├žade is built by Fr. Fabian Martin in 1866-1869.
Located in middle of town, this is likely the oldest bridge in the entire province still used to date. Built by the Spaniards.
The fourth and last town in Batan island. Traditional Ivatan houses line the entire stretch of the main road in the This town pioneered drift net fishing for dibang and it is the site of the thriving palek (local wine) industry.
The town is divided in the middle by a narrow national road. More traditional Ivatan houses may be found here.
One of the highest points in the community, this was once a settlement of old Ivatans.
This is the last village from Basco. Said to be the site where the first mass in Batanes was said and consequently, where the first baptism was administered during the Spanish times.
A visit to Batanes is never complete without staying in Sabtang. Make sure you move heaven and earth to get to this heaven on earth.  Of the three islands in Batanes, this is the smallest.
One of the most pictured beach spot in Batanes.  Famous for its stone/rock arch formation in a very private cove. Ideal site for picnic, snorkeling and camping.
Walk past Savidug village to get to Chavayan. Spending the night here is the essence of a Sabtang visit. Famous for its rows of old houses, old streets, old sites.
This church is not special because it’s the only remaining church in Batanes roofed with cogon grass. Neither is it extraordinary because it’s ten meters away from the beach. It is exceptional because it makes you feel closest to God at this remote place. Most romantic church there is.
Site of the most pristine coral conditions in Batanes. In Sumnanga, you’re in Little Hongkong, they say.
There are other islands farther up north, but this is by far the closest inhabited island to Taiwan. Being in Itbayat makes one closer to Taiwan than mainland Luzon.  The island of Itabyat is one of the world’s largest uplifted coral reefs.
Highest point in Itbayat, about 280 meters above sea level. Its historical significance is being the other pair of Mt. Riposed, considered to be one of the island’s foundations.
It is also an old settlement for the early settlers of Itbayat.
The most ancient dwelling place in Batanes. Believed to be the first landing place of the Austronesians from Formosa, 4000 BP.
An area where stone boat-shaped burial markers are found. This area is believed to be the burial ground of the ancient settlers of the Torongan Cave.
It is an underground stream on the Northwest of Itbayat.  It flows to the sea and is a newly develop water source for the community.
An ancient settlement with boat-shaped burial markers. Its Idjang has a spectacular view of Dinem and the eastern coast of Ibayat Island. It reflects the material cultural remains of ancient maritime people.
With its panoramic views, one of the two volcanoes considered to have been the foundation of Itbayat. On top, you will see the view of the southeast of Itbayat. 

The nearest island to Itbayat about 5.5 nautical miles point to point. It has a total land area of 87.63 hectares surrounded by beautiful white beaches. Surrounding the island is a rich coral which is sanctuary of hundreds of marine life. This is one of the most beautiful spot in Itbayat.
Roman Catholic Church was founded in Itbayat in 1845. It took more than forty years later to complete the church and finally blessed in 1888 by Fr. Manuel Blasco.
A combination of European and Itbayat architecture, with thick wall of stone and lime and several layers of cogon for the roof. These Ivatan houses are adapted for strong typhoon, earth quakes and other kinds of calamities. Itbayat houses have to be built this way since they receive the harshest winter winds from Siberia in December to February.

Honesty Coffee Shop is a one of a kind store located in Ivana, Batanes. What makes this Ivatan store interesting? No one looks after the merchandise so each customer is pretty much free to move inside the store. Everyone is expected to be honest, the store owners trust the people enough to allow them to list the products they bought along with its corresponding price and then leave the payment in a drop box. You can find an interesting sign on the wall that says “This store is too small for dishonest people,”.


William Colgate made a RIGHT CHOICE

The Right Choice

Genesis 2:1-8
William was sixteen when he left home to make his fortune.  Everything he owned was in a backpack when he headed toward a riverboat.  William's story was simple:  "His father was too poor to care for him and the only trade he knew was soap and candle making."  The Captain of the boat was a Christian and when he heard William's story he counseled him:  "Someone will soon be the leading soap maker in New York.  It can be you as well as anyone else.  Be a good man, give your heart to Christ, pay the Lord all that belongs to Him, make an honest soap . . . and I'm sure you'll be a prosperous and rich man."  William heeded the advice and when he arrived in New York he joined a Church and started working for a soap manufacturer.  In a short time he was part owner of that soap company and later the sole proprietor. He paid his tithes from the beginning and his enterprise prospered so that he dedicated twenty percent to Christ. His prosperity continued so he gave half his income to God.  After becoming wealthy he surrendered his entire salary to the Lord. That's the story of William Colgate, the soap and toothpaste manufacturer that was first to put toothpaste in a tube.  William made the right choice by accepting the captain's advice.
Decisions Shape Destiny
  • Abraham decided to obey God and depart his homeland of Mesopotamia.  Although his earthly life included trials, he governed Paradise in his afterlife for 2000 years, until Christ arrived.  Not a bad decision. 
  •  Moses chose to disassociate himself from Pharaoh's household.  Pharaoh's daughter had adopted Moses and historians tell us that Pharaoh had no son.  That meant Moses could have claimed the throne.  Rejecting Pharaoh's household didn't seem to be the right choice.  But you know the rest of the story.  Moses governed Egypt by the power of his staff.  Even the Red Sea submitted to his command.
  • When Joshua readied to attack Jericho Rahab the harlot welcomed Joshua's spies. Fortunately, because she and her family were the only survivors when Jericho was toppled.
  •  The widow of Zarepath chose to feed Elijah her last meal and for the next 1,277 days her meal barrel never expired.
  • Namaan the leper followed the Prophet's advice to dip seven times in the Jordan River and was healed.
  These people discovered that choice positively shaped their destiny.  But Scripture also provides many examples of those making wrong decisions:
  • Adam and Eve wrongly decided to eat forbidden fruit.
  • Moses chose to disobediently strike the rock rather than speak to it and couldn't enter Canaan.
  • David disregarded Joab's counsel and numbered Israel in a manner that violated the Law.
  • Ananias and Sapphira conspired to lie against the Holy Spirit about their financial dealings.  Their hypocrisy cost them their lives.
We must make the right choices because our future depends on it!  Solomon punctuated the urgency when he said, "Buy the truth and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline and understanding" (PRO 23:23). 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I know it's kinda late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIK

Dear Jenna Mae Miranda Manio,

How Great is our God for he can move the mountain, Oh happy Day! Happy day! coz it's your Birthday! Cmon Celebrate. Uh Oh! It's raining men! Hallelujah it's raining men! Hey hey! Ayan grabe. Solid lakas ng ulan pero okay lng yan;) Blessings ni Lord yan sayo dahil 18 kana! Hoooooray! HAHAHA. Begin your day with smile on your face. Get rid first of your worries coz today is PAAAAARTEY TIME. Rain or Rain walang aangal dahil time mo to. Oky? haha. Saturday naman gagawin. Di naman ngayon e. HAHA. I don't have an idea how to start this one kase naman no bat kailangan pa ng ganto. Bakit nga ba? Well, Syempre Love kita! That explains the purpose and everything. YEAH!

You are a good friend, sister and daughter. Optimistic ka. Madame kang crush. Kumakain ka na ng gulay ngayon. You wanna be a Supermodel, an Architect, an IT, a fashion designer, an interior designer in short madameng pangarap sa buhay. Gustong yumaman. Go for the cheapest price. Magaling mag Sales Talk. AMNESIA GIRL. May diary sa cp. Gustong last pag sa chichirya or water. DSLR!. Dentistry date gusto. Kwarto. Good adviser. Masinop sa gamet. Love those men na nakabrace, semi kalbo and Rich. Longtime lovelife si Pecson.Singer sa church. Menopause baby. Malinis sa katawan. Depressed nung nawala make up kit nya. Pinagipunan nya Bible nya. Pinagppractisan yung hair nya. Laging pinapatakip yung braso nya. Mag aaral dapat ng Japan. Nakatago pa mga remembrance. God fearing person and So on! Madame pa pero dko na maisip. hahaha:))

See Friendship:
I'm so thankful we've met because of all friends I have you're the one I'll never regret;)

Whatever problems you have, Wherever you are, Whoever you are I'll be with your side and walk with you either in good or bad times coz that's what friends are for;) Let's make our dreams come true ne? hahaha. Okay, times up. Loooooveyou  mik:) Godbless.
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