Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday without Mik

Almost every saturday kasama ko si Mik and now di ko sya. Hahaha. Wala akong maisip na title kaya yan nalang. Hm, Nag1st  gig ako with Otep and Aliessy. Nakapag fishing din ako ng 5 people from the first timers;) Yung dalawa kay Mik dun. Nag lifegroup din ako. Dito ko din binili yung ticket ko para sa Citipointe.
Kumakaen ako dito. Maganda lang kase ang shot. Chena! @HisLife grounds
Dumaan muna ako ng Miranda st. bago kame mag kita ni Pau. Twing pumupunta ako dun sa pinag bibilihan ko lage nalang ako mag isa(i feel so Ms. Independent). Kilala na ako ng ibang nag titinda dun:) Naisipan namen mag bonding ni Pau coz si Mik ay na sa Debut, Tey ay na sa Singapore, Sai ay na sa Hau and we left alone so we need to enjoy! Hahaha. That's the story;P Nag libot kame sa Marquee and kumaen.
Frostings. Tried Something new:)
Nothing can separate us from Mcdo during Recesion. Hahaha!
I'm with my Choco Lava cupcake.
Nag photo shoot din si pau para sa Lookbuk nya. Hahaha. Yun lang talaga ata pinunta namen eh. Joke! I enjoyed this day. Sa uulitin! ;)

Hope is Erupting tour

Orrryyt!! Kase naman ang Citipointe ay may concert dito sa Philippines. Whoooo! Sa Sports araneta and HisLife nyan. Isn't that great?  Hm, Citipointe Live are a unique praise & worship team that resonate the sound of their home church in Brisbane, Australia. Parang Hillsong kumbaga :) Ganda rin ng songs nila. Ay eto nga pala yung ticket ko! Nakabili ako, thank God! Nag discount ng 25% lahat ng tickets. 300 pesos ang pinakamababa and nakuha ko na lang sya ng 225pesos. Hooooray! Ang pinaka mataas yung VIP worth 1500. 
First time ko lang makakapag attend ng Live concert ng gantong band so I'm looking forward to this one!


I made a simple token for appreciation, sorry or etc.. In this way, we can bring back to others yung mga good things na ginawa nila saten, show them that we appreciate things they were doing or when we've done something wrong we could at least apologize and give this;)
I. Things needed: 
  • Board Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Lollipop
  • Moving eyes
  • designs

1. Cut the Board paper into butterfly shape.

2. Paste the moving eyes on the lollipop. Make a slit on the middle part of the butterfly.

3. You can now decorate your butterfly.

Have fun in doing the project! Do it yourself with your whole heart;) Okay? Till next time!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Matagal ko ng gustong gumawa ng DIY projects. Yesterday, habang nag aalmusal ako naisip kong gumawa ng something kahit na simple lang(Remember, when you give dapat it comes from your heart and it is the thought that counts sabe nga dba?)  Malapit na ang Valentines day and so gusto kong gumawa ng mga projects which is less than 10 min lang ang preparation and affordable sa bulsa(actually you can see this at your home) so here it goes, my project no.1:
I. Things needed:
  • Bananas
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chocolates for toppings
  • Cupcake liners
II. Instructions:

1. Cut the Bananas. 

2. Spread the Peanut Butter.

3. Put again a banana. 

4. Put small amount of peanut butter on top .

5. You can add your toppings now.

6. You may write something then attached it to stick.

There you go friends! It's done. See? It was just simple as that. When you give something to your family, friends, classmates, love ones or etc., It is much appreciated when you Do It Yourself with your whole heart, Okay? So, till next time!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Run for a cost

Oyeah. It was my first time! 4:30 5:00 ang call time. So nag alarm ako na 3 am pero gaya ng date napasarap nanaman tulog ko di ko narining ang alarm! Pero thank God bigla akong nagising! ng mga mag 4am. Hmm, nag ayos ako. Dapat sabay kame ni Cabs dahil sa kanto lang sya pero excited sya kya di na kama:)) Nung karating ko dun wala pakong friend. Loner ako. Buti nalang nakita ko si Aj tas ayun nag patulong nako tas dumating na din sila Cess and co. so ayun. Iniwan namen bags namen kay Sir villanueva. Nag warm up exercise muna kame bago nag start then ayun biglang may nag paputok tas Go! Nag lakas nakame. It was more like "not so fun walk" kase sobrang layo! Pero okay lng. THE EXPERIENCE;)
Di ka pwedeng mag shortcut dito kase may apat na station kung san kailangan may stamp ka and di ka din pwedeng sumakay ng jeep;) May nagbabantay:)) So ayun. Ansaya nung nakarating kame dahil asa bandang last kame nun. May certificate kameng nakuha tyaka yung free Gatsby oil cleanser for men. Yung binayad pala namen na tig 30 ay mapupunta sa We can be Anything foundation:)

My Planner

Ngayon ko lang naisipan na iblog to pero I bought this nung January 15 pa. This is not really what I want. Yung gusto ko talaga yung planner na colorful tyka maraming designs. Haha.Which cost 600 pesos kaya nag dadalawang isip ako. Pero feeling ko kailangan ko ng mag bago ng konti kaya pinili ko tong parang pang executive ang porma and it's actually a Diary. Maganda naman sya:) I'm satisfied. Para makwento ko na din yung buhay ko kase paminsan nakakalimutan ko yung ibang pangyayare. Here is my diary/Planner:
you can see this on National Bookstore:)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Prayer & Fasting Encounter

Fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all fooddrink, or both, for a period of time. An absolute fast is normally defined as abstinence from all food and liquid for a defined period, usually a single day (24 hours), or several days. Other fasts may be only partially restrictive, limiting particular foods or substance.

  • How does fasting help us prepare? By helping us put even our most basic urges and needs into a lower priority than the task at hand, so we can put our whole selves into it.
  • What effects make fasting useful for preparation?
  • Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert. That led to the temptations, the first of which was to use his powers to make food for himself. Since he was in a fast period preparing himself for the ministry and the trial ahead of him, feeding himself would have made the preparation incomplete. The task ahead was way too important. He had to maintain focus on God.

Why People Fast?

  • self-purification;
  • defeating evil spirits which show forth in the desire for material things;
  • a discipline for one's 'evil' bodily (material) nature, to force it to submit to God.
  • a way to become one with the experience of Christ's suffering by way of one's own suffering.
This is usually done on the first month of the year. Fasting is not the same as dieting. Way to differ. People do fasting for many reason. Probably for repentance, obey or seek God, maybe they wanted something so badly that they hardly pray for it by fasting, or to get ready just like what I did. Get ready for the whole year. Pray for the good things I wish to happen on this 2012 by sacrificing those vices or earthly desires which I'm already attached. The more you sacrifice, the more blessings you will receive. I swear! Fasting is really good and it attracts more blessings. I'm here to testify that. During fast, after the gig, I went to my dentist's clinic near Palengke of San fernando(see, Anlayo) but to saw there's no one! I felt terribly disappointed. Who wouldn't? But I also thought of not complaining anymore instead Thank God(this is what I learned from that day on Gig)because there's might be a reason behind *Everything has a purpose*. Finally at home and Booom! Surprise! we have a brand new computer set. THANK GOD! I felt so blessed on my past few days and I'm loving it.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year Part 2

  • Pinoy Henyo
  • Trip to Jeremiah
  • Relay


New Year Part 1

  • Preparation of Foods.
  • Fireworks before 12m.n., Jo, Jey and together with my uncle nag paputok muna sila ng madameng kwitis and trompilo. Twing nag papaputok sila ng Kwitis lage akong pumapasok sa bahay dahil natatakot ako baka biglang tumama saken. Haha! So wala akong pictures nila na nagpapaputok:D
  • 15 min. before mag 12, we lighted candles na may mga meaning. First time lang namen to ginawa:) Yung isa sa tita ko. Pag 12 na dun papatayin tas kung ano daw yung pinakamaliita yun yung mag pprosper. Eto sila:
  • Arranged everything on table

As you can see, kumpleto namen yung mga fruits na bilog tas 12 na iba iba. May nalalaman din yung nanay ko na mga pampasawerte daw. Ayun sa taas yung may mga pera, asin, bigas and water:))) Tapos di naman mawawala yung foods kaya ayan. Walang pictures yung fruit salad, chicken fillet tyka yung Pancit guisado:))

Midnight, January 1
  • Inopen din lahat ng lights namen sa bahay, As in lahat:D
  • Countdown!!
Midnight, January 1
  • Jump brothers!
  • Nag ingay!
  • Nag paputok na lusis, iba't ibang fountains and crying cows.
  • Kumaen and Picture time!


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