Monday, May 28, 2012

Tie Dye shirt

Tie-dyeing became fashionable in the West in the late 1960s and early 1970s as part of the hippie style. It is a way of creating patterns of color by folding, tying, crumpling and so on. In this way, you can determine your final design. The end result can be predicted and controlled to some extent but surprise is the part of what makes tie-dye an exciting and interesting art form that even a first timer like me can have great results with. A cool and fun experience for me. 
1) Old white t-shirt 2) Materials used plus hot water 3) Venus, a fast dyes. 4) Made sure of the place where I dye to keep it clean  5) Folded and tied the shirt 6) Applied the dye with random colors
I was very excited to make one so after I had all the materials completed even it was already late at night, I pursued to do tie-dyeing. In making this, it all depends on the instructions given on Dye powder solution. Not good, because of too much excitement, I wasn't able to follow other direction. But Art is an art. We are all artist, I tell you. So don't be afraid to make your own craft. 
Let each man exercise the art he knows. 
by Aristophanes 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Diary 002

Dear Diary,
  • Lately I'm busy doing other stuffs. I missed updating this blog so before things get piled up, I'm gonna share it.
  • My brother and I aren't that close so I barely get to be with him in pictures + he hates taking photos of him. So I grabbed this moment though I looked like haggard. As you can see, he's playing with the inhaler of my cousin. Geez
  • Next was the birthday of Jo. Not that one in the picture. Isa din yun sa ayaw sa camera kaya wala syang picture. We didn't actually celebrate because we planned to do it on Mother's day. On that day, nag piano lesson kame ng pinsan ko sa bahay lang. Thanks to Google for the help, I appreciate you! Still know the Sungka? Jumpshot fever rocks all the time!
  • Next day, Youth gig with Mik and Marie since we miss it already. Birthday of Leiandro! so we went to their house and eat.
  • Sunday was Mother's day and Jo's birthday celebration. We had a night swimming at Villa Alfredos. I was able to teach my younger brother to swim. Yehey! (feeling marunong ako, thank you PE class!)
  • O yes! I got ticket on this coming youth camp sa HisLife city church! By grace, I had it! Everyone is excited and so am I. (I'm so excited and I just can't deny, ooooh!)
That's all! Bbye Diary!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Face off

What if I had a nose like this? HAHAHA. Checkout my faces on different mood! I mean, the eyes only. Lol. Just having fun.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Candy Room

Red Design Group is an Australian company. Retail Specialist that creates a creative interior design and architecture. They translate customer insights and brand and product strategy into creative design, documentation and roll out- making them a very different kind of design firm.
 One of their project is this candy retail store named Candy Room that is located at Melbourne. They wanted the design to bring out the inner child of each person. They were also responsible for the branding and packaging throughout the store.

May Calendar

Scout Creative releases every month a free calendar printable which can be assemble into a 3D paper toy. May's calendar has something to do with Coffee cup and donuts. At the end of the month, you can remove the sleeve on the cup and you will see a fiery face and on the other side is a happy face (this may help you to warn your friends or whoever related to you about your emotional state). Click here the PDF file and you can now enjoy your May calendar.

Saturated in Love

Where God 's love is there is no fear, because God's perfect love drives out fear.
1 John 4:18

We fear rejection, so we follow the crowd. We fear not fitting in, so we take the drugs. For fear of standing out, we wear what everyone else wears. For fear of blending in, we wear what anyone else wears. For fear of sleeping alone. we sleep with anyone. For fear of being not loved, we search for love in all the wrong places. But God flushes those fears. Those saturated in God's love don't sell out to win the love of others. They don't even sell out to win the love of God. Do you think you need to? Do you think, If I cuss less, pray more, drink less, study more.. If I try harder, God will love me more? Sniff  and smell Satan's stench behind those words. We all need improvements, but we don't need to woo God's love. We change because we already have God's love. God's perfect love.

Today, I read this from the book of Max Lucado entitled Grace for the moment. It's a book where in each day there are Inspirational thoughts like this. While I'm reading it, I was struck and so I'm sharing it. While I'm typing it naman, nashock ako kase kanina di ko nabasa yung chapter and verse and to tell you, It's my number kase birthday ko yan. So feeling ko parang God is speaking to me talaga.

Origin of Love

Aristophanes offers a story dealing with human nature and the human condition. Human beings were once spherical, with eight limbs like an octopus (think before you next throw that octopus on the barbie - you may be committing cannibalism), four arms and four legs, one head with two faces and four ears and two sets of genitals, male or female, or both, so that they were any one of three kinds: male-male, male-female, female-female. One day they offended the gods and to punish them, Zeus cut them in half, scattering the two severed halves in opposite directions. Since that day, we are always searching for our other half. When a half meets its other half, each is overcome by Eros and each delights in being with each other  half. The reason for this is not, or at least not merely, a desire for sexual intercourse: on the contrary, the soul of each wishes for something it cannot put into words. Lovers desire to live a common life and die a common death, to become One again, in a complete and lasting union. The reason for this is our ancient nature: we were once unified Whole. 'Eros'  Aristophanes tells us, 'Is he desire and pursuit of Wholeness'.

I know this isn't true. I'm not a believer of myths but I was really impressed to this one. Talking about the origin of Love, searching our other half, and so on. Now, I'm starting to wonder where is my other half. Lol.

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