Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween 2k12

It's been a year since we started doing this Halloween celebration/pictorial. If you still remember, last year here our costumes. It was at Bea's place. I was a sophisticated witch I think. I didn't have specific label. Lol.
This year,
Devil wears Prada (Bea De Leon), Vampire (Sai Abasolo), Audrey Hepburn of breakfast at tiffany's (Mik Manio), Soldier (Me), Minnie Mouse (Pau Jorquia) and last Walking doll (Tey Chavaria)
Salute to all Filipino Soldiers! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

TTKD '12

Tigtigan Terakan Keng Dalan. I'm a member of Rotaract and I volunteer to be a part of those who sell tickets. It was a first time experience also to be in this Traditional party at Angeles City. I met new friends. I was able to see face to face the lead singer of Rocksteady, Teddy and of Spongecola, Yael Yuzon. Nakapasok din ako ng Hacienda and Central for the first time :)) Overall, I enjoyed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Closing Party

After three days ng final exam namen sinabay namen yung closing party namen sa pag pass ng mini case study namen sa Orgbev. We didn't plan ng maayos basta na lang natuloy. So what do you expect? Madameng kulang sa utensils namen. Hahaha. Sa Poracay pala to and there's no other transportation na dumadaan dun kase its a remote place kaya talagang no choice kame. Kanya kanyang paraan nalang :)) Kame nila Daph, Jhonsen and Ian humabol nung gabe kase nag meeting kame sa Rotaract ng hapon. Kaya nag night swimming kame unfortunately walang pictures.
Walang tulugan to pero yung iba namen classmates natulog agad. Nung after namen nag swimming nag Fliptop sina Jhonsen and Lumakad. Naka outfit sila. Walang pictures e. Video lang but I can't upload it. Ang haba e. Then nag heart attack din kame ang natalo may tagay ng tequila. Luckily, lage akong natatalo so nahilo ako ng konte. Hahaha. Yung mga tulog namen classmates pinag tripan nila. Without them knowing na may uling na sila sa mata.
 Wala na kameng water. So ang ginawa namen is pinakulo namen yung tap water. Hahaha! Tapos nilagay namen sa ref. Hinintay namen yung sunrise pero fail. 

Ang tulog ko is 30minutes lang. Dapat mag check out nakame ng 12 pero wala pakameng transpo so nag extend kame hanggang 2pm.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Viva Ilocos!

It's our Sembreak already! This travel post was supposed to be last month however I didn't have much time on blogging. Joke. I was only trying to reason out. Tinamad lang talaga ako. Hahaha. Thank God bumalik na ang kasipagan ko ngayon. Enough for intro, let's go to the point! We had our educational tour on Primar ( I love field trips! We travel to different places even walang connect paminsan sa subject). Hope I could still remember the names of places I've went. I was so excited when my teacher said that we're going to Ilocos because it was my dream to see Calle Crisologo, if you can still remember my 2nd blogpost. It is entitled Someday we'll meet Vigan. Okay so here we go! Let's visit Ilocos (Kunware tour guide muna ang epek).
We left Angeles City at 8:00 pm. And  I didn't sleep even for a minute. Gosh. So bangag the next day!
Our first destination was at Playa tropical resort. We had a mini seminar with the owner of this. I love the place. Lots of nipa hut. Hahaha
Next, Fort Ilocandia resort. We stayed for only 15 minutes. Picture picture purposes only.
 Next, Dragon Cactus fruit farm. I bet you would love their ice cream too! Swear ;)
Next is the best part! The Bangui windmill. Finally, I was able to see it on face to face. Sobrang lakas ng alon. Scaaaaary! Haha. One of the tourist attraction din tong windmill sa Ilocos, Philippines. In this place nag shooting ang Suddenly its magic movie :) On our way, we've seen the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, it as an historical heritage structure in Burgos that was established during Spanish era.
Afterwards, Lunch time at Villa del Mar Pagudpud. Sobrang ganda ng beach! Clear water!
After this, we went to Freddo's shop. Haha. I forgot if it was really a shop or what. Then we're supposed to go at Sand dunes however it rained that's why they cancelled it. We had dinner at Robinson mall. One and only mall ng Ilocos yun grabe. We check in at Pangil resort. I must say, I shall return! Hahaha. Why? That experience nung kagising mo tas pagkalabas mo sa terrace ma papa WOW ka sa ganda at linaw ng dagat! plus may mini caves din. Okay pero before that, Here's what happened last night.
House Party! Then Goodmorning,

Sad, it rained again. I wasn't able to have picture sa mini caves. Moving on, next stop was at President Ferdinand Marcos place. No inside pictures allowed. 
Next, Batac Empanada then we went kung san yung mga bilihan ng Cornicks.
After this, The great Paoay church! which is also known as St. Augustine church of Paoay. The church was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site as one best example of Baroque churches in the Philippines. Near place is the Mariano Marcos School.
Next is, Chavit Singson's Baluarte Zoo. 
And to our last destination was at Vigan! Unfornately biglang umulaan but its okay at least nakapunta nako dun! Haha. We had our lunch sa Mcdo. No choice kase malapit yung bus namen dun and wala kameng payong. Beside it was the Vigan Cathedral which is also known as St. Paul metropolitan cathedral.

That's it! Viva Ilocos! Hahaha
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